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Career Opportunities
Positions within the Office. The Office of the State Attorney, 10th Judicial Circuit has approximately 200 employees which consists of 90 Assistant State Attorneys, 11 Investigators and the remainder are Administrative, Secretarial or Clerical personnel.

Employee Benefits

  • Individual or Family Health Insurance and Employee Life insurance available with the office contributing the majority of the cost.
  • Other supplemental insurances available at a cost to the employee for dental, vision, disability, etc.
  • Approximately 13 paid holidays per year.
  • Annual and Sick Leave benefits that accrue starting the 1st day of employment.
  • A Choice of retirement plans and you may start a personal Deferred Compensation Account. Please click on this link to get an overview of the Florida retirement system.

How to Apply for a Position

Apply Online

  • Downloading the State of Florida Application Form
    Print the application form on your printer, complete the application information, and submit the form to:

    Joanie Murray
    Human Resources Dept.
    Office of the State Attorney,10th Circuit
    Drawer SA, P.O. Box 9000
    Bartow, Florida 33831-9000

Note: The Application Forms are posted in "pdf" format, and are only readable by using Acrobat Reader. Most computers will already have the reader installed. If you cannot view the Application Forms, you will need to install the free reader from Adobe.
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