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Polk County Man, Elijah Stansell, was Convicted by a Polk County Jury of First-Degree Murder. Stansell, along with three other co-defendants, drove to the victim’s home to confront her son. When the victim returned home, she confronted the defendant who was driving the getaway van. As he was fleeing the area, the defendant drove his […]

SAO Annual Years of Service and Law Enforcement Award Ceremony

The State Attorney’s Office held its Annual Years of Service and Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony recently, Five officers were recognized for their exemplary work on a particular case and those who went above and beyond their routine job duties in efforts to assist our office. Investigator Jason Leggett-Lakeland Police Department  Sergeant Steven Ritenour-Highlands County Sheriff’s […]

Winter Haven Man Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

James Williams, 40, was convicted by a Polk County Jury of Second-Degree Murder, Manslaughter with a Firearm, and two counts of Improper Exhibit of a Firearm. Williams, also known as “Spooky” used a firearm to shoot one victim who died at the scene and shot another victim who later died at the local hospital due […]

Lake Placid Man Convicted and Sentenced to Life in Prison

Carlos Gonzalez, 66, of Lake Placid was convicted and sentenced to Life in Prison for Second Degree Murder. Gonzalez was in a verbal altercation with the victim that quickly escalated and resulted in the victim being stabbed in the chest by Gonzalez. Unfortunately, the victim succumbed to his injury and later died. State Attorney Brian […]