Richard Satterfield

Conviction Should Serve as a Warning to Residents Having Work Done in Their Homes

In the early part of 2021, a local resident had a bathroom in her home renovated. The project took a couple of months.  Later that year, the victim was preparing for a family gathering and attempted to retrieve her silver from a cabinet in her home. She realized it had been taken, along with other valuable items in her home.  In all, the victim reported that thousands of dollars worth of property was missing. Thanks to the investigative work of the Lakeland Police Department, Richard Satterfield was arrested and charged with the thefts. Satterfield worked in the victim’s home and LPD discovered that Satterfield had pawned the items locally over a period of several months. Sadly, most of the items pawned had already been melted down; except for two pieces of jewelry that was already resold. Recently, Richard Satterfield was found guilty by a Polk County Jury of 11 counts of Dealing in Stolen Property and 11 counts of False Verification of Ownership to Pawnbroker. Satterfield is scheduled to be sentenced on January 27th.  State Attorney Brian Haas thanks Assistant State Attorney Liana Herron and the Lakeland Police Department for their work on this case.  This case should serve as a reminder to all residents having work done in their homes.  Protect your valuables and do not be too trusting of people you hire to work in your home, even if they are friendly to you.


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