Juanita Tappin

Polk County School Bus Attendant, Juanita Tappin, Sentenced to 30 Months Prison

Juanita TappinSchool bus attendant, Juanita Tappin, physically and verbally abused several special needs students while they were taken to and from school. On multiple occasions, video surveillance shows Tappin hitting the children on their head, face, and hands and using different objects to abuse them. No plea agreement was made and therefore this case was decided by a Polk County Jury, which convicted Tappin of Six Counts of Battery, Abuse of a Disabled Adult and Child Abuse. Following the jury trial, Senior Judge Dennis Maloney sentenced Tappin to a 30-month prison sentence followed by 30 months’ probation. State Attorney Brian Haas would like to thank the Polk County Sheriffs Office and Assistant State Attorney Jessica Fisher for their hard work and dedication in obtaining justice in this case.





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