Kissimmee man found guilty of attempted manslaughter

JURY VERDICT: Kissimmee man found guilty of attempted manslaughter

Willie Charles Jones, 19, of Kissimmee, was convicted of attempted manslaughter by act and discharging a firearm from a vehicle. Jones was convicted Sept. 29 for an incident that occurred in July 2015 where he got angry at a driver, followed him home and fired two shots at him.

Assistant State Attorney Melissa Gravitt renacts how Jones fired his weapon into the air during closing statements Thursday.

In her closing statement, Assistant State Attorney Melissa Gravitt reiterated Jones’ testimony in which he admitted he could’ve kept driving but didn’t. Gravitt reminded jurors that Jones chose to follow the victim home and confront him.

Jones pulled up in front of the victim’s house and got out of the vehicle while shouting, so the victim grabbed a golf club from his garage to protect himself. Jones got back in the vehicle and pulled away from the home but stopped at the end of the street to fire two rounds at the victim.

Gravitt reminded jurors that the victim heard the first shot and then turned around to see Jones with a gun pointed at him. He then saw Jones fire a second shot.

Jurors deliberated for about an hour before returning a guilty verdict. Jones will be sentenced Nov. 10 by Judge Kevin Abdoney.