Joshua Miller

SENTENCING UPDATE: Winter Haven man gets 15 years for rape

Joshua Miller’s victim asked the judge to sentence her rapist to the maximum amount of prison time allowed by law.

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller

At Miller’s sentencing hearing on April 18, Judge Neil Roddenbery did just that in handing down a 15-year prison sentence.

Miller was convicted by a jury of sexual battery, possession of cannabis, and possession of drug paraphernalia on March 13.

On Dec. 6, 2014, the victim woke up to Miller pulling her clothes off and performing a sex act on her. She attempted to stop him by pushing him away and telling him no, but Miller forced himself on the victim instead.

Miller gave law enforcement multiple contradicting statements.

He first claimed not to know the victim but later admitted to performing a sex act on her while she was not fully conscious. Miller then told law enforcement he planned to have vaginal sex with the victim but decided to perform another sex act instead.

At trial, Assistant State Attorney Jessica Embree told jurors that DNA evidence proved Miller was a match.

Embree told the jury that the rape kit results confirmed Miller’s statements about not forcing the victim to have intercourse were false.

Miller was found guilty after only 45 minutes of deliberation.

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